About Us

For any of our products to make it to the market (delivery stage), they go through quality assurance procedure and must be 100% certified to meet our standards, and the requirements of our stakeholders/customers.

Our Story

The Idea that is now SIMITEDS today was first conceived in the mid 00’s because my siblings and I were all passionate about Fashion,
But I was also very passionate about Freedom, born out of the fact that I couldn’t afford all the luxury brands I wanted when I got admitted into the most prestigious Private University in Nigeria.

While everyone else was still shopping basic, overpriced, big name looks, we started creating different styles that represented different cultures, but most importantly, unique and comfortable wears, ranging from corporate, casual, & traditional wears.

SIMITEDS believes in questioning the status quo. When the world tells you to wear it this way, we say wear it your way. Yes, what you wear is important, however, what’s even more important is how you wear (style) it. Our goal is to inspire men & women through our designs, to have confidence, explore their creativity, and be happy.

SIMITEDS is more than the clothing we sell, we represent the Freedom and confidence you need to find your own sense of style.

Our Mission

To build a timeless brand that tells the African fashion story, inspire other African creatives to own their craft, be confident, and be truly free.

Our Vision

Connect Africa to the world through our Fashion & Information Technology

Our Values

Freedom, Creativity, Excellence, Professionalism, and Attention to detail


Mosimiloluwa Adewole

Creative Director & Founder
Legal Practitioner, Business Devs. (I.T), Serial Entrepreneur with core focus on the emergence of the African market.